M-1 Girls was established with the objective to teach useful martial arts with today's self-defense requirements in mind. Much of the trainees of M-1 Girls pertained to the school will several years of training in other martial arts. Most discover exactly what they have been looking for when they begin their training with us.

M-1 Girls has been associated with martial arts for over 6 years. We wished to include something to our training that could be used for real self- defense. After our very first Hapkido class at M-1 Girls, we were thrilled at the possibilities of discovering useful abilities. The environment differed from anything we had ever experienced. M-1 Girls and Black Belt trainers lead classes in a methodical, orderly way guaranteeing excellent guideline for all levels. M-1 Girls embodies both the values and abilities that you would anticipate of a high ranking martial arts trainer and teaches those lessons to his trainees with an apparent enthusiasm. Our trainees are extremely considerate and simple and aspire to absorb brand-new understanding. We are impressed at what does it cost? we have discovered in such a brief amount of time and are eagerly anticipating our journey.